Switch, PS4 & PC
FPG Release #12
Chained Echoes

Seven years in the making, indie developer Matthias Linda finished his personal Magnum Opus, Chained Echoes!

This turn-based JRPG boasts a massive world to explore, more than 40 hours of playtime, unique mechanics and beautiful Super NES-style visuals. Coming physically to NSW, PS4 & PC - Exclusive from First Press Games.


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for GB & GBC

Switch & PS4
FPG Release #11
Sydney Hunter
and the Curse
of the Mayan

With this release, one of the best 8bit neo-retro platformers is finally going physical! Join Sydney Hunter in his biggest adventure - Exciting exploration, nostalgic graphics and an amazing chiptune soundtrack await! Save time and peace by teaming up with the Maya and stop the wrath of their gods.


Nintendo Switch
FPG Release #10
Crimzon Clover
World EXplosion

We collaborate with Degica Games to give the timeless Doujin Top-Down Shooter from YOTSUBANE and AdventurePlanningService its long-awaited physical edition on consoles!

World EXplosion features a wide array of enhancements, options and additional modes, each with separate competitive online leader-boards. One of the most thrilling and addicting Shoot 'Em Ups for Nintendo Switch awaits!


Nintendo Switch
FPG Release #9

With MindSeize being First Press Games' first digitally published Nintendo Switch eShop release, we are now proud to finally introduce the physical release as the logical (and often requested) follow-up!

Transfer your mind into a MAG and set out on an epic Action-Adventure with a Sci-Fi setting! Aiming to save your daughter, an even bigger threat emerges... Fast-paced combat and extensive exploration awaits in this brand-new Action-Adventure, inspired by a wide range of Metroidvania-classics!

Blazing Rangers NES &
Honō no Rangerman FC

Blazing Rangers is an original one-screen action game for NES and FC-compatible hardware, developed in the style of '80s arcade games. Take the role of fire fighters Popo and Mimi and save the day!

First Press Games collaborates with Karu_gamo (known as the head developer of the Mamotte Knight series) to realize this exciting new 8bit game physically - In awesome throwback designs for all three major release regions: JP, US and EU!



PlayStation 4
FPG Release #5&6
Ginga Force and
Natsuki Chronicles

Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles by Qute Corporation are two of the most-awaited Shoot 'em Up releases for PlayStation 4 among genre-fans.

First Press Games has partnered with Rising Star Games to realize a physical version of the beloved Japanese series, with both titles being available at once - Optionally even as an impressive bundle!


Switch & PS4
FPG Release #8

Underhero is an RPG-platformer with an unusual departure: The chosen hero has failed, and an underling of the antagonist must take over the quest to defeat his own evil supervisor! Use timing-based combat to defeat enemies as you traverse the immersive world of Underhero and meet a large cast of quirky friends and enemies along the way!

We've teamed up with Digerati and Paper Castle Games to preserve this modern classic among Indie-RPGs as a physical release. Exclusively available from our online store!


Nintendo Switch
FPG Release #7
Neko Navy:
Daydream Edition

Both loved by critics and genre-fans, the Japanese Shoot 'Em Up Neko Navy: Daydream Edition by Death Mofumofu is finally making its physical debut on Nintendo Switch - exclusively from First Press Games!

We have teamed up with Fruitbat Factory and prepared some stunning merchandise for the game, including three super cute plushes of the cat cast, available separately and in the Collector's Editions of the game!



Do you miss soundtrack releases with true care put into them? We are still providing these!
Jewelcases in Japanese market quality, collectible spine cards, booklets with detailed liner notes, artwork and composer interviews and of course beautiful CD designs.

Dot Matrix Series
GB Release #2

POWA! is a brand-new action-platformer for all Game Boy-compatible systems, in the same vein as the genre-classics on the system!

Just like the first Dot Matrix Series release, this game sticks close to the quality of original Game Boy releases from the 90s.



Project Blue

Project Blue is a new 2D-platformer for NES & FC and got created as a team-effort by the NESdev-enthusiasts toggleSwitch , FrankenGraphics & M-Tee. The game aims to create a dynamic gameplay that is quick to learn, easy to control but difficult to master - and above all, fun to play.

The FC Version is published by us, but you can also get the regular NES release as a limited-time preorder from our store or in our rare Super Bundle!


Switch & PS4
FPG Release #6
Psychotic Adventures Origins

Tackle controversial topics through the eyes of a child in these satirical adventures that will lure you to the dark corners of everyday life.

Psychotic Adventures Origins is a bundle of the first two Psychotic Adventures games Agatha Knife, finally coming physically to Nintendso Switch and PlayStation 4. With a ton of awesome merchandise in the Collector's Edition!


Switch & PS4
FPG Release #5

Become a legend in this epic 3D Action-Adventure by Lienzo. Finally realized as a physical release with stunning extras and fresh in-game changes! Exclusively available from First Press Games.

Created from cultural references of the indigenous Tarahumara from northern Mexico, the Collector's Edition of this release comes with a detailed making-of book and DVD, following the development and explaining the lore and cultural origins of the game.


Switch & PS4
FPG Release #4
Rival Megagun

Rival Megagun is a split-screen Versus-Shoot 'Em Up in which you can transform into a gigantic boss to invade your opponent's screen.

This game is not only a great multiplayer title for fans of the genre and newcomers alike, but comes as one of our biggest Collector's Editions ever. Including a tournament boardgame, hardcover artbook and premium CD soundtrack, this release is one of the most dedicated Collector Editions in the whole PS4 and Switch library.

More exclusive Releases from FPG


Dot Matrix Series
GB Release #1
Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe

Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe is a brand-new arcade-style platforming game for all Game Boy-compatible systems that will enchant you with its beautifully crafted pixel art, tight controls and an earworm-inducing 8-bit soundtrack!

Sticking close to the original Game Boy releases from back in the day, this release is an essential addition to any retro-game collection. The game is available as both Japanese and EU/US-style versions. A tempting Limited Edition is also available!

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