Based in Germany, we specialize in physical publication of digital games, soundtracks and other merchandise of our licenses, with the main focus on releases for Sony Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in limited batches.

For most game publications, we will offer both Special and Standard Editions - but no matter which one you get, we always guarantee to deliver full, DRM-free games with professional packaging and an in-depth manual.

On a small budget, you already get all these features with the Standard Edition. For hardcore fans and collectors, our Special Editions do offer additional goodies and merchandise for the game along with a special packaging that holds all the featured items.

Each of our game releases will also only receive our name-giving First Press, and we guarantee that there will be no second run of our releases. It's important to us that as a collector and consumer you can trust our releases to stay limited.

Our personal goal is to give digital gaming media genuine physical releases with love and dedication put into them - both to preserve them as physical media for the gaming community and offering gamers a proper way to add games to their collection that would otherwise only be available as a download.

We might not be the only publisher in this field, but we strive to deliver the best value for your money in our releases. We make no cutbacks in our products and ensure to deliver professionally designed releases with thought and dedication put into them.