Domestic shipping within Germany (incl. tracking)
Up to 2kg - 6,50€
2kg up to 5kg - 8€
5kg up to 10kg - 10€

European shipping (with some exceptions, incl. tracking)
Up to 0.5kg - 6.50€
0.5kg up to 1kg - 10€
1kg up to 2kg - 14€
2kg up to 5kg - 18€
5kg up to 10kg - 24€

International shipping (incl. tracking)
Up to 0.5kg - 6.50€
0.5kg to 1kg - 10€
1kg up to 2kg - 20€
2kg up to 5kg - 40€
5kg up to 10kg - 50€

Please contact our support if:
A) You have any queries about our shipping process or costs.
B) You would like to combine shipping of multiple orders.
C) You are certain that your order got overcharged on checkout (please note that Collector Editions in shipping boxes easily weight over 1kg):