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Nintendo Switch Series No. 1 Game Binder

As a reward for owning all Series No. 1 games as a Regular or Collector's Edition.

This binder holds all 10 slipcases neatly together to present the connecting spines. It is made from sturdy, coated cardboard and features both a metallic embossed lettering on the back and laque-finished game logos on the sides.

If you ordered either all Regular Editions of our releases or a mix of Regular Editions and Collector's Editions (which also feature the connecting slipcases), you will receive this exclusive collection item free of charge at the time of shipping of our 10th Nintendo Switch release.


Nintendo Switch Series No. 1 Coin Album

As a reward for owning all Series No. 1 games as a Collector's Edition.

This Coin Album is the perfect place to house your Collector Coins that come with our releases. The Album comes in a case of the same style as our Collector's releases and also neatly fits into your shelf right next to our Collector's Editions, thanks to its exact same height and depth measurements.

Both the case and the album are made from sturdy cardboard. The front and back of the case exclusively features artwork and logos of our Series No. 1 release with laque finish, as well as embossed metallic lettering on all sides.

If you ordered all Collector's Editions of our releases (if there are different versions per release, you just need one of them), you will receive this exclusive collection item free of charge at the time of shipping from our 10th Nintendo Switch release.


Nintendo Switch Series No. 1 Overview

The following releases are part of the Nintendo Switch Series No. 1:

Developed by Mad Gear Games & Dolores Entertainment
A love-letter to 8bit classics of the platforming genre, with a special twist: Pits are not deadly, but lead you into an upside-down world instead!

#2 Shadow Bug
Developed by Muro Studios
A smart and innovative puzzle-platformer that uses the special features of your Nintendo Switch to the fullest - Control the game via gyrosensor or the touchscreen and leap through the levels via cleverly timed attacks!

#3 Castle of Heart

Developed by 7Levels
Castle of Heart is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive Ghouls N' Vania-style Action-Platformer - most challenging, with plenty of new twists to the classic formula. Our physical release exclusively features optional D-Pad controls.

#4 Rival Megagun
Developed by Spacewave Software, Licensed by Degica Games
Transform into your Mega Gunship to blast your rivals head-on in this unique Shoot 'Em Up with a competitive nature: Rival Megagun is a split-screen versus game, in which you can transform into a gigantic boss to invade your opponent's screen.

#5 Mulaka
Developed by Lienzo
Dive into northern Mexico's breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D Action-Adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. The physical release can be considered a "Director's Cut" of the original, with exclusive new features and tweaks to the game.

#6 Psychotic Adventures Origins
Developed by Mango Protocol
Tackle controversial topics through the eyes of a child in these satirical Adventure games that will lure you to the dark corners of everyday life. Psychotic Adventures Origins is a compilation of the first two games set in the Psychotic universe: Agatha Knife and MechaNika.

#7 Neko Navy
Developed by DeathMofuMofu, Licensed by Fruitbat Factory
Warning! Flying cats are blasting their way through a whole week of bullethell-madness! Neko Navy is a Japanese Cute ‘Em Up with a charming & colorful world to discover. Shoot your way through an odd cast of enemies and evade their crazy bullet patterns, while timing your bombs gracefully for impressive highscores!

#8 Underhero
Developed by Paper Castle Games & Stage Clear Studios, Licensed by Digerati
Underhero isn't your typical RPG-adventure: Classic elements like turn-based combat and exploration are shaken up with timing-based elements and 2D platforming, similar to the Paper Mario series. It tells the story of a world in which the chosen hero has failed and an underling of the main villain is suddenly prompted to take his place as the new “hero”.

#9 MindSeize
Developed by Kamina Dimension
Transfer your mind into a MAG and set out to an epic 2D Action-Adventure with Sci-Fi setting! Aiming to save your daughter, an even bigger threat emerges... Fast-paced combat and extensive exploration awaits, drawing strong inspiration from genre-classics like Metroid Fusion and Megaman X.

#10 Crimzon Clover World EXplosion
Developed by YOTSUBANE & Adventure Flight Studios, Licensed by Degica Games
Are you ready for the ride of your life? A modern classic of the Shoot 'Em Up genre awaits, which will make you thirst for more of its thrills round after round again. Crimzon Clover set the bar for indie Shoot 'Em Ups to new heights and is a love-letter to many genre-blockbusters of the late 90s, honed to be of the same quality as late Cave and Taito arcade titles.


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Q1) What if I missed one of the Series No. 1 releases?
At the time of writing this newsletter, all releases from this Series are still available for order or preorder. A few of the in stock items are running low, but we are positive most of you who want these special rewards can still get their order in.

Q2) Does it matter which region variant I bought?
No, any mix and match of region variants is fine to get the Series No. 1 rewards.

Q3) I bought a mix of Regular and Collector's Editions of all releases, what do I get?
In this case you would get the Series 1 Game Binder.

Q4) When do I get these and how will you check if I get the reward(s)?
For every shipment of our 10th Switch release Crimzon Clover World EXplosion, we will check the order history of each customer at that point and add the reward to the package, if eligible. No additional shipping costs will be charged.

Q5) Am I eligible for rewards if one or more of my FPG games has been purchased second hand?
We have looked into options to do this, but it is simply not feasible to check if this is really the case. The rewards will only be available for accounts with all games in their order history of our store, with no exceptions.

Q6) I did my orders with multiple accounts, is there a way to connect them?
Unfortunately not, but if you have changed accounts over time, please contact us via and let us know. We will keep a list of customers for which this is the case. You will still be eligible for the rewards.