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        Rival Megagun Deluxe Soundtrack CD JP Cover (In Stock)

        Transform into your Mega Gunship to blast your rivals head-on in this unique shooting game with a competitive twist: Rival Megagun is a split-screen versus shoot 'em up in which you can transform into a gigantic boss to invade your opponent's screen. Our physical console release of Rival Megagun is accompanied with the awesome soundtrack of Dominic Ninmark as a premium CD edition, which is only available from our store! The soundtrack features both the Original Sound and Mega Versions of the thrilling arcade tunes directly from the game. Give the soundtrack a try on Bandcamp! Made in Japan, this CD soundtrack features a premium jewel case and a spine card, which is typical for Japanese releases. It comes with a dedicated design and holds a booklet of 12 pages, including interesting liner notes and artwork. A bonus sticker sheet is included! Limited to 100 single-sold copies.Features: Premium Jewel Case Spine Card (OBI) 12 Page Booklet CD with 21 Tracks Character Sticker Sheet

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        Everhood Deluxe Soundtrack 3CD JP Cover (Preorder)

        Everhood is an UNCONVENTIONAL ADVENTURE RPG that takes place in an inexpressible world, filled with amusing musical battles and strange delightful encounters. To put it simply: You are in for a ride! The amazing Official Soundtrack of the acclaimed indie game is now finally available as a physical CD release! With its focus on musical and psychedelic themes, Everhood has been a critically acclaimed highlight among indie games this year. And needless to say, the soundtrack by Chris Nordgren and a creative cast of guest composers is an absolute delight to listen to. Click here to listen to the soundtrack on Bandcamp! ~♪ Here's what the critics say: Everhood features a frankly astounding array of excellent musical scores. - Nintendo Life A game that understands precisely the raw, unhinged power of music.- Hardcore Gamer The soundtrack of Everhood is nothing short of phenomenal.- Gaming Trend I’m buying this soundtrack the second it hits.- RPGFan Spanning 96 tracks compiled on a total of three discs, this soundtrack is absolutely massive and comes in a sturdy, high quality 24mm jewel case - complete with a dedicated booklet and a collectible spine card. Next to the tracks from the game's main composer Chris...

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