Neko Navy Daydream Edition Nintendo Switch Miracle Collector's Edition (Coming Soon)


Warning! Flying cats are blasting their way through a whole week of bullethell-madness! Neko Navy is a Japanese Cute ‘Em Up that awaits with a charming & colorful world to discover. Shoot your ...

Warning! Flying cats are blasting their way through a whole week of bullethell-madness! Neko Navy is a Japanese Cute ‘Em Up that awaits with a charming & colorful world to discover.

Shoot your way through an odd cast of enemies and evade their crazy bullet patterns. Meanwhile, collecting cat-boni to detonate huge bombers is your key to victory and an impressive high-score!

If you like bullet-heavy arcade shooters, grooving soundtracks, cute cats and big explosions, don't look any further - Neko Navy got them all!

Game Features

  • These cats are airbound: Dive into the adorable world of Neko Navy and fight versus 10,000 soothing characters…with a flying kitten!
  • Easily accessible: The game offers three difficulties that everyone from a beginner to an advanced player can enjoy.
  • Different play styles: Progress through the game with up to six fundamentally different characters. Can you unlock them all?
  • 7 varied stages: Fight in differently themed levels, packed with a great variety of enemies and many surprises. And there are secret routes to uncover!
  • Daydream Edition-exclusive additions: The new Infinity Mode & a re-balanced Death Difficulty are waiting for the most-skilled players. And touched-up visuals will show the game from its best side!

Available in-game languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese


The Collector's Edition of Neko Navy Daydream Edition awaits with impressive measurements of 32 cm height and 24 cm width and it is filled to the brim with wholesome merch!

As usual, a Premium Soundtrack CD (Made in Japan) is included, as well as Clear Files with neat Print Extras such as a poster, alternate cover inlays and a Japanese manual.

The unique addition to this Collector's Edition is a cute cat plush from the initial Neko Navy cast! Measuring approx 16cm, this furry companion will support you with cuddles if your last Death Difficulty run didn't go as planned.

Limited to 333 copies.*


  • Premium Box with Item Tray
  • Gold-Colored Coin (numbered)
  • Double Sided DIN A2 Poster
  • Clearfiles with exchangeable Japanese cover & manual and more!

Base Game:

  • Cover with Interior Art
  • Game Cartridge
  • 60 Page In-Depth Manual in English
  • Quick Instruction Card
  • Leather-style Slipcase

Premium Soundtrack:

  • Original Game Soundtrack
  • 12,4 mm Premium Jewel Case
  • Spine Card (OBI-style)
  • 12 Page Booklet in English
  • Hard gel 3D sticker sheet

Official Miracle Plush:

  • Cute & fluffy
  • High quality design and material
  • 16 cm in size

Only from First Press Games coming with EVERY release:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Collector's Coins
  • Standardized Collector's Edition box sizes for uniform appearance
  • Thick and detailed game manual (up to 80 pages)
  • Super Famicom® style quick instruction card
  • Cover sheet with interior graphics
  • Japanese cover sheet, manual, and quick instruction card included in the Collector's Edition

This release is currently in preparation for production.

*333 additional copies exist for each the Mugi & Chyoko Collector's Edition of Neko Navy Daydream Edition.


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