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Tobu Tobu Girl deluxe


© Wouter


© Wouter Beugelsdijk



© あろサウルス (arosaurus)



■ Posting rules
・The work needs to be related to one of our published titles.
・You need to state which name or nickname you'd like to be credited with.
・Your work shall not be be against public order and morals, show strong nudity or be offensive in any other way.

■ How to submit
・Scanned illustrations and drawings in common formats as .pdf, .gif, .png and .jpg,
・Photo data of work that cannot be scanned (3D objects etc.),
・You may also send us the actual work; please ask for our address via email (submitters will have to cover shipping fees.)

■ Handling copyright and other notes
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・We will not use nor disclose the images of the submitted work (or the actual work sent to us) by other means than the above.
・We may publish the work on the internet and on other media upon request of the work's creator.
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