Castle of Heart Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition


Castle of Heart is a Switch-exclusive Ghouls N' Vania-style Action-Platformer - most challenging, with plenty of new twists to the classic formula. Discover beautifully designed places, inspired by...


Castle of Heart is a Switch-exclusive Ghouls N' Vania-style Action-Platformer - most challenging, with plenty of new twists to the classic formula.

Discover beautifully designed places, inspired by Slavic mythology as well as famous, mystical locations in Poland, the home country of the development team 7LEVELS.

The protagonist is a town‘s knight, possessed by a stone curse from an evil sorcerer. He sets out to reverse the curse and save the woman he loves. His will to embrace her again, made him able to move his petrified body. But the journey to his loved one is littered with sorcerers’ minions, gigantic bosses, puzzles and deadly traps. But better be quick, due to the curse, time's not on your side!

After leaving the cursed village, you will be able to survey a large variety of level settings in a stunning presentation. Some places might hide valuable secrets.

Game features:

  • Progress the game quickly: The evil sorcerers’ curse made the Knight turn into stone. To be able to move, the Knight sacrifices some of his healthpoints by time. Slay foes and collect potions to refill his bar.
  • Fight your enemies: Use both of your arms to pick up secondary weapons. This feature offers a great variety of opportunities to progress the game. But be careful, if the health runs low, the second weapon will disappear.
  • Based on real mythology and places: Discover medieval places inspired by the Slavic mythology and historical Polish areas.
  • Conquer mighty bosses: In the course of Castle of Heart terrifying creatures barring your way to your lady-love. Slay them in exciting and varying battles.
  • Extended scope of play: A challenging "Ghouls N' Vania" with over 10 hours of playtime in 20 levels, which will keep you busy for a while! The challenge of completing it with 100% makes you desire a second run.

The physical release version of Castle of Heart exclusively features optional d-pad controls. (The digital version only controls via analog stick.)

Available ingame languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese

With Castle of Heart Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition comes our third limited edition for Nintendo Switch! Measuring 32 cm height and 24 cm width and filled to the brim with beautiful extras!

This time, the special insert will be a grey-brown high-quality pouch for your Nintendo Switch. It is made from durable felt, holding up to five Switch games in place for comfortable transportation. As an optical highlight it contains a Castle of Heart-branding made of leatherette.

The atmospherical soundtrack is also included in the usual Japanese premium jewel case, as well as a double sided poster with keyart and a clear file with numerous Castle of Heart-themed inserts!

Limited to 1,000 copies.


  • Premium Box with Item Tray
  • Gold-Colored Coin (numbered)
  • Double Sided DIN A2 Poster
  • Clear Files
  • Chirashi
  • Japanese Manual & Cover Inlay for Swap-Out

Base Game:

  • Cover with Interior Art
  • Game Cartridge
  • 64 Page In-Depth Manual in English
  • Leather-style Slipcase
  • Quick Instruction Card

Premium Soundtrack:

  • Original Game Soundtrack
  • 12,4 mm Premium Jewel Case
  • Spine Card (OBI-style)
  • 24 Page Booklet in English
  • Hard gel 3D sticker sheet

Nintendo Switch Pouch:

  • Holds the Console and offers Compartments for 5 Game Carts
  • Durable and thick Felt Pouch that keeps your Console safe from Impacts
  • Measures about 25,5 x 13,0 x 3,5 cm with the Console inside

Shown designs in the product image may have small changes in the final release.



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