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Chained Echoes PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition


Chained Echoes is a 16bit-style RPG, reminiscent of the genre's Golden Age on the Super NES. Set in a fantastical world full of different humanoid races, mysterious magic and heated Mech-fights, yo...

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Chained Echoes is a 16bit-style RPG, reminiscent of the genre's Golden Age on the Super NES. Set in a fantastical world full of different humanoid races, mysterious magic and heated Mech-fights, you'll be able to follow the story lines of multiple heroes, connected through fate and destined to restore the peace between their nations at war.

Game Features:

  • 30-40 hours of playtime
  • Swift turn-based combat system, without random encounters
  • Explore and fight by foot, via your airship or in your Mech
  • Multiple intertwined character story lines & deep world lore
  • Involved skill, equipment and item crafting system
  • Stunning SNES-style graphics & orchestral music inspired by PS1 RPGs

Available ingame languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese

The Collector's Edition of Chained Echoes comes in our signature box of 32 cm height and 24 cm width and it is filled to the brim with awesome merchandise!

Everything from the Regular Edition is included and as special additions, Eddie Marianukroh's soundtrack full of orchestral epic-ness is included as a Premium 2CD release (Made in Japan), as well as Clear Files with great Print Extras such as a poster, alternate cover inlays and a Japanese manual.

The unique item of this Collector's Edition is the Chronicles Book of Chained Echoes as a hardcover version!

The PS4 Collector's Edition is limited to 500 units.

  • Premium Box with Item Tray
  • Gold-Colored Coin (numbered)
  • Double Sided DIN A2 Poster
  • Clearfiles with exchangeable Japanese Cover, Manual & more!
Base Game:
  • Cover with Interior Art
  • Blu Ray with full game
  • 60 Page In-Depth Manual in English
  • Trophy Guide
  • Foldout World Map
  • Leather-style Slipcase
Premium 2CD Soundtrack:
  • Original Game Soundtrack
  • 17 mm Premium Jewel Case
  • Spine Card (OBI-style)
  • 12 Page Booklet in English
  • Hard gel 3D sticker sheet
Hardcover Chronicles Book:
  • DIN B5 sized
  • high-quality hardback cover
  • 50+ pages

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