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Crimzon Clover World EXplosion Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition EX (Coming Soon)


Are you ready for the ride of your life? A modern classic of the Shoot 'Em Up genre awaits you, which will make you thirst for more of its thrills round after round again. Crimzon Clover set the ba...

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Are you ready for the ride of your life? A modern classic of the Shoot 'Em Up genre awaits you, which will make you thirst for more of its thrills round after round again.

Crimzon Clover set the bar for indie Shoot 'Em Ups to new heights and is a love-letter to many genre-blockbusters of the late 90s, honed to be of the same quality as late Cave and Taito arcade titles.

The new Switch version Crimzon Clover World EXplosion refined and expanded its original from the core and amazed arcade fans & critics alike, going from a beloved Doujin Shoot 'Em Up to a true essential for any well-sorted Nintendo Switch library.

Game Features:

  • A total of 3 different game versions to choose from:
    • NOVICE offers a feasible challenge for Beginners
    • ARCADE stays true to the Arcade Version
    • ARRANGED adds new Mechanics and Challenges
  • Switch between 4 play modes, from Original to Time Attack
  • Pick your favorite from 4 ships, each with a different play-style
  • Five varied stages, with unique themes & multiple bosses each
  • Competetive online-leader boards for any preferred game setting
  • Fully playable with TATE screen orientation (optional)

Supported languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, English

We are proud to work with KOMODO and the developers from YOTSUBANE & AdventurePlanningService on finally giving this legendary Shoot 'Em Up the physical treatment.

For Crimzon Clover, we are also offering an "EX"-Version of the Collector's Edition!

This Version comes in an extra-large Premium Edition box, which includes not only all contents from the normal Collector's Edition, but even more amazing goods!

A Ball Top for arcade sticks made of 3D-engraved Crystal and a special Premium Casket depicting the in-game Bonus Star, which houses the Original Doujin PC Release from 2011 on a durable Read Only Memory USB Stick!

The crown jewel of this edition is a figurine of Crimzon Clover's cover star, the red Fighter Type I, which measures about 12cm in length and comes with a base for presentation.

Additionally, it includes all three Collector Coin versions.

The Collector's Edition EX is limited to 250 units.

Purchases are limited to one unit per customer!

  • Premium Box with Item Tray
  • Three Collector's Coins (Bronze-, Silver-, Gold-colored; numbered)
  • Double Sided DIN A2 Poster
  • Clearfiles with exchangeable Japanese cover & manual and more!
Base Game:
  • Cover with Interior Art
  • Game Cartridge with Full Game
  • 40+ Page In-Depth Manual in English
  • Quick Instruction Card
  • Leather-style Slipcase
Premium 3CD Soundtrack:
  • Original, Remastered & Arranged Soundtrack
  • 24 mm Premium Jewel Case
  • 88 tracks on 3 CDs
  • Spine Card (OBI-style)
  • 20 Page Booklet in English & Japanese
  • Hard gel 3D sticker sheet
Fighter Type-I Figure:
  • comes with well-padded outer box
  • approx. 10cm long & 5cm high
  • base for presentation included
Premium Casket, themed with Crimzon Clover's Bonus Star, holds:
  • The original Doujin Version for PC on a ROM USB Stick (long-living thanks to durable memory)
  • SANWA Crystal Ball Top for Arcade Sticks, with laser-engraved Game Logo


All shown product designs are work in progress and may change in the final product - but only to the better!

This is a preorder, the game is currently in preparation for production. You can find the approximate release date on our Release Progress page.


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