Mulaka Playstation 4 Collector's Edition (Preorder)


Dive into northern Mexico's breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. Renowned for their impressive running abilities,...


Dive into northern Mexico's breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara.

Renowned for their impressive running abilities, embark on the journey of a Sukuruame - a Tarahumara shaman - as you fight back the foulness corrupting the land, while drawing upon the powers of demigods.

From solving puzzles in environments inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara locations, to heated hand-to-hand combat with creatures pulled from the region’s mythology, find out why the Tarahumara have earned a reputation for being superhumans.

Game features:

  • Become the legend: Harness the renowned athletic talents of the Tarahumara as you engage in fast-paced platforming and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Explore Sierra Tarahumara: Traverse a 3D world inspired by the legendary, real-life landscapes of northern Mexico, rendered in a vibrant, low-poly visual style.
  • Based on real mythology: Draw upon the powers of demigods and battle fearsome creatures pulled from the rich lore of the Tarahumara people.
  • Live the culture: From narration in their indigenous language, to music unique to the region, experience an authentic representation of Tarahumara culture.
  • Mix up your gameplay: Leverage the Tarahumara’s physical prowess, demigod transformations, puzzle-solving and the crafting of magic potions as you save humanity from the corruption plaguing it.

Available ingame languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

This beautiful Collector's Edition of Mulaka will please even the most committed collectors and fans. Its well-crafted box features a special coated surface with metallic and varnish highlights and measures about 32cm in height and 24cm in width. It opens like a drawer box and holds all contents in place.

Mulaka is the first to come with a Soundtrack CD & DVD set, the latter featuring a filmed documentary about Mulaka's development and its cultural origins. A true highlight is also the Making Mulaka book by Select Start Press, which features even more in-depth details about the development and background of the game, as well as a variety of colored illustrations and concept art.

The physical release of Mulaka can be considered a "Director's Cut" of the original and will have some game-changes that are exclusive to this version of the game:

  1. Exclusive new player skin (optional)
  2. Fresh rebalancing and general performance improvements
  3. Revamped level design
  4. New Easter eggs hidden in the game
  5. All language options from the Asian region release added
The Playstation 4 Collector's Edition is limited to 500 copies.

The Collector's Edition features:
  • premium box with item tray
  • gold-colored coin (numbered)
Base Game:
  • cover sheet with interior art
  • game on Blu-ray
  • English in-depth manual with 84 pages
  • achievement guide
  • leather-style slipcase
Making Mulaka book:
  • the official documentary book by Select Start Press
  • a detailed look at the development of Mulaka
  • comes in a brand-new layout for the reprint
  • high-quality hardback cover
  • 250+ content-rich pages
Soundtrack CD & Documentary DVD set:
  • Original sound version on 2CD
  • Video documentary with extras on DVD
  • premium jewel case
  • 24 page booklet
  • reversible inlay & spine card (OBI)

3 clear files with print extras:

  • DIN A2 double sided poster
  • DIN A4 sticker set
  • two DIN A4 magazine page prints
  • Japanese Manual & Cover Inlay for Swap-Out

The PS4 and Switch Editions each have unique collector coin-motives with own limitation numbering.

Shown product designs are work in progress and might have small changes upon final release.

This is a preorder, Mulaka is currently in preparation for production.