Shadow Bug Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition


The second game in our physical lineup will be Shadow Bug by the talented Muro Studios! This title will enchant you with it's beautiful art-direction and smooth gameplay. Without exaggeration, this...


The second game in our physical lineup will be Shadow Bug by the talented Muro Studios! This title will enchant you with it's beautiful art-direction and smooth gameplay. Without exaggeration, this Nindie Platformer is among the best that fully utilize the touchscreen and motion controls of Nintendo Switch!

The return of our Collector's Edition!

This beautiful version of Shadow Bug will please even the most committed collectors and fans. Its well-crafted box measures about 32cm in height and 24cm in width and works like a drawer box that holds all contents in place.

The highlight of this Collector's Edition will be an hardcover artbook with over hundred full-color pages. These are packed with beautifully arranged keyart, background art, concept art, level designs and more bonus contents like an interview with the team of Muro Studios. The book will not only be a pleasure to go through, but also gives a great view behind the scenes of the development of this game.

The artwork-heavy and beautifully arranged design is not only eye-candy, but also realized on thick and valuable material. The same dedication goes into the soundtrack and clear files, which are both imported from and made in Japan to ensure their very best quality.

It also comes with a bunch of awesome print extras, such as alternative cover sheets and a Japanese manual for swap-out. A folded A2 poster and two magazine-style advert prints flesh out this amazing collector piece.

Limited to 1000 copies.


  • Premium Box with Item Tray
  • Gold-Colored Coin (numbered)
  • Double Sided DIN A2 Poster
  • Clear Files
  • Chirashi
  • Japanese Manual & Cover Inlay for Swap-Out
    Base Game:
    • Cover with Interior Art
    • Game Cartridge
    • 40 Page In-Depth Manual in English
    • Leather-style Slipcase
    • Quick Instruction Card
    Premium Soundtrack:
    • Original Game Soundtrack
    • 12,4 mm Premium Jewel Case
    • Spine Card (OBI-style)
    • 16 Page Booklet in English
    • Hard gel 3D sticker sheet
    Hardback Artbook:
    • DIN B5 sized
    • high-quality hardback cover
    • 104 content-rich full color pages

    Available ingame languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese.


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