Latest Update regarding Delays

Dear Community,

We would like to inform you again about the current status of our releases.

We know that you are all waiting eagerly for some good news, which we will share with you very soon.

We have prematurely stated in our previous Newsletter and on X (formerly Twitter) that shipping will start soon. Unfortunately, during assembling we discovered several poorly executed parts that had to be re-manufactured. It took the printing company a long time to fix the issue.

The whole reason for the current delay lies in the printing company‘s inability to fulfil their promises and match the delivery dates. They not only continued pushing the delivery date week by week, they also did not meet our high standards, which we are proud of and you expect of us.

We were pushing them as much as we could and although they promised to deliver all parts of our upcoming 22 Collector's Editions before Christmas, this did not happen. All poorly executed parts have been finished and we now expect to start shipping the CEs from next week on. As stated in our latest blog post, the preparations to ship the CEs is going on smoothly. 

Unfortunately, this delay affects all releases that were scheduled to be shipped after the CEs, including the long awaited Chained Echoes and Goodboy Galaxy. It is impossible to skip releases as we have to complete them in the planned order and are manufacturing our parts according to our schedule.

However, we have also noticed an increase in libellous and defamatory posts on various platforms, also including leaking of personal information of our staff. We are fully prepared to take legal action, if necessary.

We kindly ask you to grant us a little more time as the delay is out of our hands and we can not speed up the process in any way. Further, this blog has started only a week ago. We will be sharing more details with you on a regular basis from now on, but it is impossible to take a big lap in a very short time.

Next week we will share with you photos of our team assembling the games to show you the effort and dedication that goes into our products. Many of you may not know that our games are being crafted very carefully and assembled by hand in order to guarantee the highest quality and provide you with something that you and we are very proud of and that will stay on your shelves hopefully forever.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your understanding and support.

Kind regards,

FPG Staff