Statement regarding the ongoing delay situation - 「深刻な遅延理由の詳細の公式発表」

Statement regarding the ongoing delay situation - 「深刻な遅延理由の詳細の公式発表」


Dear customers, dear partners,

for a long time now you are waiting for several of our products to be shipped. We were not able to fulfil many orders because we are continuously facing broken promises by our printing partners. We have yet again been informed that the company responsible for the punching tools is going to delay their delivery due to summer vacation. We sincerely apologize for this situation.

Up until now we haven’t provided any detailed information regarding the delays, but we can no longer endure keeping silent. It causes a massive inconvenience to our customers, we are losing trust because we believed the word of our contractors, and we are forced again and again to reschedule our releases without being able to name a concrete date. There are false and defamatory information spread online and even threats against us have been made.

We and you are facing the consequences of their “we will make it happen by day x! We are on the home stretch!”. And then shortly before the delivery date we yet again receive information about sudden holidays, suspiciously timed sick leaves or smoky machines.

Another thing that has been happening is failing to make corrections as ordered or providing us with materials not up to our specifications or being subpar in quality. All that although we have submitted the specs more than one year ago.

After manufacturing parts that are not fitting the CE inner trays they even blamed us of urging them to hurry, after being late for over half year themselves. So us urging them is a very natural stance and must not impact the quality. We are not the ones to blame here.

Due to legal reasons, we are obliged to keep the printing company's name confidential for now, but we decided to at least disclose some details to you:


  • All punching drawings were submitted in April 2023
  • In December 2023, we were promised that everything will be ready before Christmas.
  • After that the excuses started: Not able to deliver because of "it's before Christmas", "it's between the holidays", "staff shortage because of COVID/winter/flu", "carnival week", "spring holiday season" and now it's "summer vacation time".
  • We are waiting for only five parts but unfortunately all Collector's Editions are affected as one vital part per variant (mostly the tray for the game itself) is missing.
  • Thus the missing parts are halting every release that was scheduled for a release after.


So far we have been working with four printing companies in Germany that claimed to specialize in printing of boxes in the required way. Initially all these contractors had taken on the job saying, “We can do it, it's just some simple boxes". At First Press Games, we trusted these statements and entrusted them with these tasks.

Things seemed to go well at first with every contractor, but gradually unnecessary modifications were made, and the number of defective prints we could not use increased. Unreasonable delays became more and more frequent. There have been cases where we were asked to pay for piles of defective printed material and heaps of garbage that we could not use in any way. This led to us to change our contractors repeatedly resulting in the current situation.

Additional problem is the fact that neither of them were willing to put any deadlines in writing, even after numerous requests, as they feared to be sued for liabilities should they not meet those deadlines. We had to reluctantly accept it for they would plainly refused to accept the job. So it's not easy to pursue legal action against them but nevertheless we have sought legal advise and are fully prepared to enforce our rights and claim damages. We are currently holding such drastic action as we are moving on, although at a snail's pace.

We at First Press Games intend to manufacture products for collectors that are of the highest quality. Always of the same color, shape and haptics. Once the punching tools are finished, all shapes established and the color of the outer sleeves matches that of the previous releases, then all problems besides the additional time we will need for assembling will disappear and we should not face any more delays. But a small number of parts currently halts thousands of games from being shipped.

Every day we are in contact with the printing partners. Visiting the factories in person several times per week, almost hourly phone calls and yet we are still facing empty promises, although progress is being made. Just today we received the confirmation that one of the remaining five trays has been prepared.

Keeping silent on this matter has led to a lot of customers to lose faith in us because it seems that we are just randomly shifting deadlines. False accusations and threats against us increased, which is why we decided to finally go public with the details of the delay.

There are various incredible statements accusing us of stealing money and even splitting it up with the developers without any intention to release the games we took preorder money for. In the past there were such companies and their "fate" is still vivid. First Press Games is not one of them and we are not making the reasons for the current delay up.

And while all of this is going on, there are a lot of projects we are working on. We will reveal them when the time is right, as we do not intend to further being marked as a company that only takes preorder money and doesn't deliver. We haven't announced a new game for a year and a half so if we were facing financial trouble we would have started a preorder a long time ago to stay afloat.

A big thank you to all loyal customers and to all developers and companies working with us and approaching us with new projects despite the facts. We vow to resolve the issues without giving up, just as we have done so for years. Thank you very much for reading this long text to the end.


First Press Games






















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